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black sails
black sails
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The soundtrack for BLACK SAILS, a Starz original series about the Golden Age of Piracy, features gritty original music by Emmy® Award-winning composer Bear McCreary. "My goal was to create music that sounds improvised by an exhausted crew aboard a ship navigating choppy waters," said McCreary. "I wanted the audience to sense dirt beneath fingernails plucking jangly mandolin strings, to feel urgent strains of a hurdy gurdy crank, and to smell stale air wheezing out of old accordion bellows." The resulting score, described as raw, salty and authentic, also features what Entertainment Weekly called "Arguably McCreary's best titles theme, and that's saying quite a bit."


  1. Theme From Black Sails
  2. Nassau Shores
  3. L'Urca De Lima
  4. The Banner of Captain Flint
  5. Captain Kidd
  6. On the Beach
  7. Wondrous Love
  8. The Wrecks
  9. Silver Overboard
  10. A Nation of Thieves
  11. All Saints
  12. Black Sails Theme and Variations
  13. Streets of Nassau
  14. The Andromache
  15. Clamanda
  16. Vane's Visions
  17. Funeral at Sea
  18. The Parson's Farewell
  19. Pieces of Eight
  20. Black Sails Main Title
  21. The Golden Vanity (Performed by Doug Lacy)

Total Album Time: 79 min