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The Passion Of The Christ
The Passion Of The Christ
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ORDER “THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: EXPANDED TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET)” NOW and get your copy autographed by composer John Debney at no additional charge. Autographs are available while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

La-La Land Records, Icon Productions and Sony Music proudly present THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: EXPANDED TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, a deluxe 2-CD SET showcasing the remastered and expanded presentation of acclaimed composer John Debney’s Oscar-Nominated score to the 2004 landmark motion picture event THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, starring Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci and Maia Morgenstern, and directed by Mel Gibson. Remastered from studio elements for superior sound quality, this release features more than 75 minutes of never-before-released music, including alternate cues, the inspiring trailer music and more! The special 10th Anniversary packaging honors one of modern cinema’s most notable scores with a 24-Page CD booklet containing exclusive, in-depth liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond (featuring all-new quotes from director Mel Gibson, composer John Debney, vocalist Lisbeth Scott and instrumental soloist Pedro Eustache) that take the listener behind this unforgettable film and its glorious music.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST score was composed by John Debney and produced by John Debney & Mel Gibson. This tenth anniversary release was produced for La-La Land Records by Dan Goldwasser and executive produced for Sony Entertainment by Didier C. Deutsch. It was mastered by James Nelson and art designed by Dan Goldwasser.


DISC 1 1. The Olive Garden**(§§) 4:17 2. Satan Appears* 4:35 3. Jesus Arrested(§)/Mary Awakens Afraid* 5:26 4. Judas Sees Jesus Again*/Caiphas Walks to the Temple* 1:59 5. Carpenter Flashback*/De Toolah de Tabla*(##) 2:17 6. Peter Denies Jesus** 2:56 7. Kids Taunt Judas*/Mary Hears Jesus*/Kids Chase Judas* 3:21 8. Judas Hangs Himself*/Jesus Brought to Pilate*/Jesus Speaks Latin* 3:19 9. Pilate’s Truth*/Uprising* 2:20 10. Pilate Orders Scourging*/Flagellation**(§)/Dark Choir(¶)/Disciples(§) 8:52 11. Mary Wipes Up Blood*/The Stoning(§)/Pilate Washes Hands* 4:51 12. Vast World*(##)/Moment of Truth*(##)/Bearing the Cross**(#) 4:18 13. Mary Goes to Jesus 2:47 14. Song of Complaint** (traditional) 3:07 15. Breath of the Spirit*(##) (contains material not in film) 1:32 16. Peaceful but Primitive(§§)/Procession 3:28 17. Simon Is Dismissed 2:25 DISC TIME: 62:24

DISC 2 1. Crucifixion**(¶¶) [film version]/Raising the Cross(#)/Gesmas Taunts Jesus*(§)/Raven Attacks Gesmas*(§§) 13:13 2. It Is Done**(†) 4:09 3. Jesus Is Carried Down(#) 4:36 4. Resurrection(¶¶)/End Credits* 8:59

BONUS TRACKS 5. Peter Denies Jesus* (alternate) 2:57 6. Peter Denies Jesus** (extended album version) 2:57 7. Bearing the Cross**(#) (extended album version) 4:19 8. Peaceful but Primitive(§§)/Procession (original ending) 3:30 9. Crucifixion* (alternate) 10:37 10. Resurrection**(¶¶) (alternate opening/album ending) 5:07 11. Teaser Trailer Music* 1:03 12. Promotional Trailer Music* 3:47 13. Trailer Music* 2:09 14. Resurrection Choir*(¶¶) 1:58 DISC TIME: 69:51 TOTAL ALBUM TIME: 132:15 * previously unreleased ** contains previously unreleased music

§ composed by John Debney and Shankar and Gingger §§ composed by John Debney and Jack Lenz ¶ composed by John Debney, Jack Lenz, Shankar and Gingger ¶¶ composed by John Debney, Shankar and Gingger and Lisbeth Scott # composed by John Debney and Lisbeth Scott ## composed by Jack Lenz † composed by John Debney, Jack Lenz and Lisbeth Scott