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The Original Motion Picture Score to Lions Gate Films’ big-screen action/thriller hit THE PUNISHER, currently in theaters nationwide and based on the legendary Marvel Comics sensation, starring John Travolta (FACE/OFF, PULP FICTION), Tom Jane (DEEP BLUE SEA, BOOGIE NIGHTS) and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (X2: X-MEN UNITED, GODSEND). Acclaimed composer Carlo Siliotto’s (FLUKE, FLIGHT OF THE INNOCENT) rousing, Morricone-tinged orchestral score captures all the danger, pathos and heart of THE PUNISHER saga! CD also includes the ballad from the film “Jealous One” performed by J.C. Loader and the classical aria “La Donna E’ Mobile”, as featured in the movie’s “Russian Fight” sequence.

12-Page collectable CD Booklet features exclusive liner notes, comments from the composer and the writer/director, and knockout art from Punisher cover artist Tim Bradstreet

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  1. The Punisher 0:56
  2. Otto Krieg 3:14
  3. Unusual Resurrection 1:40
  4. Moving 3:09
  5. I Can't Believe I'm Home 1:23
  6. His Whole Family 1:27
  7. The Massacre 5:45
  8. Death and Resurrectio of Frank Castle 1:47
  9. God's Gonna Sit This One Out 3:57
  10. Ice Lolly and Meat 1:28
  11. You're Gonna help Me 1:24
  12. Entering the Fort 1:58
  13. About Your Family / Setting A Trap 3:11
  14. A Bomb For John Saint 1:08
  15. Good Memories Can Save Your Life 1:13
  16. The Thugs 1:30
  17. The Torture 3:12
  18. Elevator And Headache 1:07
  19. A New Family / Joan's Suffering 3:34
  20. Quenton's Glass Home 1:32
  21. Killing A Best Friend 1:43
  22. You Don't Understand...End Of A Dark Lady 2:34
  23. She Took The Train / Punishment 1:47
  24. The Arrow 1:48
  25. Both Of Them 1:32
  26. The Skull 2:34
  27. Castle's Loneliness 1:35
  28. Call Me "The Punisher" 2:23
  29. "Jealous One" performed by J.C. Loader 3:52
  30. "La Donna E' Mobile" performed by Peter Dvorsky 2:06

Total Time 65:37

LLLCD - 1020