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In 1815 a monk, Tomas Alcala, unwittingly unleashes two female succubi, Munkar and Nakir, upon an unsuspecting 21st century. He is chosen by God to travel through the centuries and stop the demons' rampage.

La-La Land Records proudly presents its latest Limited Edition release... the sumptuous, full-blown orchestral score to the World Premiere Sci-Fi Channel Original Feature, "CLIVE BARKER'S SAINT SINNER", composed by CRISTOPHER LENNERTZ (BRIMSTONE).

Recorded in Budapest with a 70-piece orchestra and a 32-memeber choir, this rich, gothic score launches Mr. Lennertz, (who has worked with Basil Poledouris, Chris Young, Buddy Baker and Brian Tyler), as a fresh, major talent in film music. Here, Lennertz has crafted a terrific horror piece that pays homage to such greats as Herrmann, Goldsmith and Elfman. Check out our audio samples and you'll hear what we mean.

The extensive LINEAR NOTES feature text by composer CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ, director JOSH BUTLER, and famed writer/creator CLIVE BARKER (HELLRAISER, CANDYMAN).

This is a LIMTED EDITION pressing of 3,000 units. Each disc is hand-numbered to ensure only 3,000 exist.

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Music Composed and Conducted by Christopher Lennertz

Track Listings
  1. Benedictus/Main Titles: (4:07) : (Click for sample)
  2. Repository (3:47)
  3. Agnus Dei/Requiem (1:41)
  4. Attack (0:33)
  5. Thomas' Theme (1:39)
  6. The Repository/Evil Unleashed (7:29)
  7. Adagio for the New World (1:43)
  8. First Feast (2:37)
  9. Oratorio of Doom (4:30)
  10. To Late! (1:28)
  11. Thomas' Confrontation (0:51)
  12. Dagger of Nicodemas (1:43)
  13. Waltz of Demise (1:00) : (Click for sample)
  14. Rachel's House/The Cocoon (1:46)
  15. Kyrie/Naraka (1:45)
  16. Battle With Munkar (3:04)
  17. Elegy for Thomas (3:37)
  18. Dies Irae (The Return) (0:53)
  19. Saint Sinner Quartet (1:37) : (Click for sample)
Total Running Time (46:00) To find out more about Clive Barker's Saint Sinner please visit the official website:

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