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Zulu Dawn
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La-La Land Records, in conjunction with Cerberus Records, is proud to present the official re-release of one of Elmer Bernstein’s (Far From Heaven, Magnificent Seven, Ghostbusters)finest works, his legendary score to the rip-roaring, blood and thunder war epic, ZULU DAWN, starring Burt Lancaster and Peter O’Toole. Long out-of-print, this essential disc has been NEWLY REMASTERED by La-La Land Records. While the CD booklet, inlay card and cover art are identical to the original Cerebus release, the disc itself features striking new art, as well as MUCH IMPROVED sound.

This is a LIMITED REPRESSING of 1500 units.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording

Music Composed By Elmer Bernstein (Conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

Track Listing
  1. Morning (main title) :59
  2. The Chase 2:06
  3. Regimental March 2:06
  4. River Crossing 4:47 (Click for sample)
  5. Scouting 1:03
  6. The Hunt 2:31
  7. Stand To 1:45
  8. Error 1:58
  9. Escape 1:31
  10. Zulus 2:30
  11. Men of Harlech 2:21
  12. More Zulus 4:28
  13. Glory 2:29
  14. Formation 2:34 (Click for sample)
  15. Into Battle 1:14
  16. Isandhlwana (pt.1) 2:13
  17. Isandhlwana (pt.2) 2:24
  18. Durnford 1:40
  19. Saving the Colors 3:48 (Click for sample)
  20. Aftermath 2:09
Orchestrations by Christopher Palmer FILM SYNOPSIS for “ZULU DAWN”:

In 1879, the British Colonies, in response to the perceived threat of the Zulu nation, deliver a deliberately unacceptable ultimatum to the King, who responds by readying his forces. The British invade Zululand, but in their arrogance, underestimate the skill, might and courage of their worthy opponents. Starring Burt Lancaster, Peter O’Toole and Simon Ward.